From the coffee farm to your cup

Finca Los Azahares

For us, Finca los Azahares is a dream come true after many years of searching for a sustainable agricultural life.  We found this neglected little coffee farm at risk of disappearing or becoming a housing development in the middle of the coffee land. This gave us the opportunity and the challenge to restore the plantation.  After we harvested our first batch and saw the first beans being infused we realized the effort had been worth it.  We are surrounded by a community of small farmers who support each other and share knowledge for the production of different coffee varieties.
The coffee plantations we manage today is mixed with a variety of citrus, tree tomato, bananas and some other tropical fruit trees. These trees have a symbiotic relationship with the coffee plants, providing balanced exposure to sun and shade and replenishing nutrients in the soil. It is believed that the mix of plants will affect the properties of the coffee beans meaning that every small plantation can be a whole new world of aromas and tastes.

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